All things are possible with 'spotcolor' 'The spot' where the dream comes true

Best art institute with a new approach and best education.

Spotcolor Institute is known for the high quality education we provide to our students. Spotcolor’s primary focus will be offering the highest level of art & design instruction to serious students seeking to solidify their personal portfolios and seek admission to the country’s top art & design universities.

1. Finds each students’ suitable major and school information

2. Practical lessons based on actual art course from college

3. Sketch book lessons and art piece for portfolios

4. Screening art works for portfolio

5. Preparing portfolios

6. Assist on college applications


Regular Program

Special Program

The spotcolor’s success depends on its attention to the needs of the students and parents and truly helping you to achieve.


Special Program

Regular Program

IVY League Preparation

Business Major Preparation

Engineering Major Preparation

Art Center Preparation

AP Studio Art Preparation

Art Supplemental Preparation

Board School Preparation

Art High School Preparation

Europe University Preparation

Transfer Student Preparation

Graduate School Preparation

Art Contest Preparation

GPA B-grade Student Program

Art Mentoring Program

International Student Program

Publishing an E-Book Program

Scholastic Art Award Program

Congressional Award Program

Education program by the best instructors who have excellent personality and skill.

There are shortcuts to go to art university but the right way is at Spotcolor Institute


800 Roosevelt 2nd Floor Irvine, CA 92620