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Art and Design Schools, Universities and Colleges require a practical art portfolio in addition to meeting its academic requirements as part of their application process. Producing an art portfolio will not be taken lightly because it plays a crucial role for each school office of admissions to determine students' acceptance and to be considered for merit scholarships in the program.

Thus, strategically planned and prepared portfolio will give the best chance of being accepted and become a cornerstone of college education. Many art schools have precise portfolio presentation requirements that are often different and have different expectations.

(The criteria set out below are based on the admission requirement of the current academic year)


Portfolio Requirement of Universities in the United States:

The amount of artwork pieces to have in students' portfolio varies by the university requirement. Most of the times it is within 20 pieces.

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Required Subject

Required Foundation

Foundation: a process that deals and brings out an experimental expression using a variety of materials. It will cover 70 % of the overall portfolio.


Required Foundation: a basic preparation process in relationship with student's major.


Required Subject: a preparation process based on student's desired major/concentration. I will cover 10 % of the overall portfolio.




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Foundation / Work Book / Art Contest

Major Foundation / 3D Works / Work Book / Art Contest

Major Foundation / Major project /Computer Work / Essay / Work Book / Make up

Major Foundation / Major project /Computer Work / Essay / Work Book / Make up / Home Test



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