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About us

Spotcolor Institute of Art & Design provides competent and professional instructions, as well as a thorough preparation in guiding students to achieve admission to the nation’s top-ranked art colleges and universities for higher learning.

We offer art classes at all levels of proficiency an opportunity to fulfill students’ individual creative goals under the tutelage and leadership of highly trained and committed instructors. Through our proven education system, a unique and innovative approach that helps students to connect with the subject matter that they need to master, students develop the tools that they need for ongoing success in various art and design fields. We try to ameliorate on personal and long term relationship with students, monitor their development, and prepare them for the rigorous admission process. Thus, it brings students ability to the level of excellence that they will be expected once they commence university education.We recognize that the real product it sells is different from the art/design instruction given. Mr. Soo Kim, the founder of Spotcolor Institute of Art & Design, is quoted as saying, “the factories manufacture goods, but the product we sell is called hope.”


This thinking hold true at our institute. We are here to guide serious young students to the right direction of their education and career goals. By providing special help in compilingart portfolios, our students develop skills and expertise in art from an early age and determine the field they would like to pursue.


Our success depends on its attention to the needs of the students and truly helping our students to achieve their goals. WE DON’T SUCCEED UNLESS OUT STUDENTS SUCCEED!!


Spotcolor institute of art & design opens to parents and all major applicants for conferences with appointment.


Major Education

Advertising / Animation / Architecture / Art / Book Art / Communication Design /

Computer Art / Crafts / Design Management / Entertainment Design / Environmental Design / Fashion Design /Fine Art / Furniture Design / Graphic Design / Illustration / Industrial Design / Interactive Design / Interior Design / Jewelry Design / Landscape Design / Lighting Design  / Metal Design / Multimedia Design / Product Design / Textile Design / Theatre Art / Toy Design / Transportation Design / Urban Design / Visual Art / Web Design

There are shortcuts to go to art university but the right way is at Spotcolor Institute


800 Roosevelt 2nd Floor Irvine, CA 92620